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Water World


Diving courses

Instrumental diving

Overcome yourself!

Dive Pit

You are a diving disdain, but have you always tried to try it out? Or are you already certified divers who want to try something new, revitalize skills or test new gear? Or are you even instructors looking for a new place to teach diving? Choose to choose! You can find current free dates at the pit here.

Intro dive - try scuba diving

Did you observe some neoprene-diving divers and wrapped in all kinds of hoses as they disappeared under the surface and asked what it was like? You do not have to worry with us to try iit on your own skin!

What's waiting for you?

        an hour and half program with an experienced diving instructor
        we will explain you the theoretical basis - you will learn the details of the principles of safe diving, equipment, underwater breathing and underwater communication
        you yourself try to prepare the equipment, of course under the supervision and with the help of an instructor
        you will dive and try how easy it is
        you will enjoy a lot of fun

Your experience we will also take photos for free to show up to your family and friends.



Dive with us to a depth of eight meters!

Snorkeling in the pit

You ride to the sea and like to snorkel, but would you like to do it better? An hour full of fun is all you need to improve with us.

Our experienced diver will explains to you:

        a few theoretical details,
        how to prepare a mask to keep from lying,
        how to manage using fins,
        how to do with a snorkel,
        how to breathe properly underwater.

Dive into a diving pit of 8 meters deep and the most splendid will get to its bottom.

Do you want to try?

Make your first diving experience and head to Aquapalace Čestlice.

Contact: Adéla Beranová, adela@divers.cz

Price list:

The following prices are already included in the diving pit - you do not have to pay the admission to the aquapark.

        Test dive with diving gear - 750 CZK
Price list for visitors to the Aquapalace Prague:

Pricelist for those who want to buy a dive directly in the Aquapark and have a valid ticket to the whole area.

        Test dive with diving gear - 699 CZK

The price of all courses is:

        Rental of complete equipment,
        experienced diving instructor at your service,
        photo of the whole experience for free.

For certified divers

Would you like to go to Čestlice on a diving pit and are you certified divers? Nothing prevents you! Just write to adela@divers.cz and for a nice 200 CZK per person you can go to the diving pit on your own!

If you would like to be accompanied by an instructor, either because you miss your buddy or you just feel more confident, there is no problem to agree, just to get your requests and everything we can think of.

Admission to the pit will cost you  200 CZK per person per hour and a half (a clean hour on the pit).

For instructors and scuba diving schools

Divers Direct, thanks to its cooperation with Aquapalace Praha, can offer all instructors, divemasters and diving schools a diving pit for their various courses.

The Dive Pit has a depth of 8 meters and is suitable for all existing diving schools that can move part of their training here, but also for beginner instructors and dive masters who want to start their diving school. An enticing environment can also attract new enthusiasts.

You can literally come to our diving pit only with a towel and swimsuit, available for you:

        the ditches' pit
        equipment rental directly at the pit including the compressor
        space for teaching theory

In essence, Divers Direct offers a turnkey diving school. The instructor arrives at the Čestlice, the things he takes for himself and his students in a securely locked private area, and right next to the student lounging straight into the water. At the end of the course, neoprene hangs on the hanger strap and goes home. No pulling of bottles and kits in the car and back out of the car, no commuting outside of Prague.

Have we been interested in you? Go to adela@divers.cz and come in!

Inspirational diving

The curse of inspirational diving (freediving) with a license in a span of 18 hours - Saturday + Sunday.

We accept interested people in freediving courses - you can sink down to a depth of 8 with just one breath !


  • 4 900 CZK / course / person
  • Rental of equipment is not included in the price of the course. You can borrow a set for 430, - / course / person.

Course dates:

Actual dates of courses on: kurzy.divers.cz

 timetable of courses

Meeting in the morning at 8:30 - lection - practical part - swimming pool - break - lection - practical part - diving pit - swimming pool - presumed end of this program on Saturday at 20:30 and on Sunday until 19:00. With the exact daily schedule of the course, you will be introduced to the instructor directly after confirming your application to the course and payment.

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