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Spa & wellness


The Spa & Wellness centre which is a part of the Aquapalace Praha complex offers complete regeneration and relaxation care for both your body and mind.

Do you want to enjoy a pleasant body care procedure, a rejuvenating ritual or a massage? To have a skin treatment, get rid of stress, warm up in the sauna or try a time-proven lymphodrainage? Are you looking for a good physiotherapist? Or are you just looking around to find a romantic location where you can relax with your partner in a fully equipped private Spa & Wellness unit?

In our facility, you can really find everything! Forget about the problems of daily life and surrender to the hands of the top professionals. Spa & Wellness will offer help exactly where you need it. Choose from our wide range of services and enjoy the deserved rest in a luxurious setting.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday, public holidays 9:00-21:00


Get rid of back pain and other difficulties

Entrust yourself to the first-class care provided at Aquapalace Balneo & Medical and get rid of back pain and other problems. Specialist physicians and physiotherapists and their diagnostic procedures, reconditioning exercises, water therapy, massages or specialist spa treatments will help you.

Our specialization

The most frequent medical issue, which clients come to Balneo&Medical with, is back pain, either chronic or acute blockages. Our therapy goal is chiefly to remove any muscular imbalance, which the pain is linked to. The goal of rehabilitation is to restore you to your original state of health or at least reduce the impact your difficulties have on your quality of life.

Frequently asked questions

Who can visit us?

Our healthcare facility is suitable for everyone suffering from difficulties as a result of injury, chronic pain or suffering from work stress.

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Will I be able to afford your treatment? It is also covered by public healthcare?

Of course. We don’t differentiate between patients. Balneo & Medical collaborates with six health insurance companies in the Czech Republic and if you are a client of our contractual insurance companies then you receive a discount on prices for treatments. You can find the price list of treatments here.

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I have acute back pain. Can I make an appointment with you directly?

Yes you can. Simply make an appointment by telephone. We actually specialise in acute back pain. we provide erudite therapy to very quickly relieve your pain. Subsequent rehabilitation procedures, tailored specifically to you, will help you treat the actual cause of your problem. We are open daily until 9 p.m. at Balneo & Medical

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