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Čestlice: oblačno -3°C

Useful information


Aquapalace Praha

Pražská 138,
commercial zone Průhonice – Čestlice
251 01 Praha - východ

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By car

  • Motorway D1, exit D6, shopping zone Průhonice – Čestlice, opposite department store KIKA.
  • GPS: Loc: 50°0'26.983''N, 14°34'17.727''E

Parking for our visitors

  • You have at your disposal over 600 parking places in two parking buildings with places for the handicapped. A total of 9 parking places are reserved for buses in the complex.

Public transportation

  • Bus 325 from the stop Nádraží Uhříněves direction Čestlice, Kika
  • Buses 328, 363, 385 from metro station ‘C’ - Opatov direction stop Čestlice, Aquapalace
  • Night bus 605 from the stop Čestlice, Aquapalace.

By Aquabus

  • To get to Aquapalace Praha you can use the regular Aquabus. It shuttles between Opatov (metro station on ‘C’ line) and Aquapalace Praha.
  • After you climb the stairs from the platforms to the hall of the metro station Opatov go straight to the end of the roofed zone (passing by the Ječmínek bakery on the left). At the very end there are escalators on the right which will take you to the Aquabus stop.
  • Transport is free for guests of Aquapalace Praha and Aquapalace Hotel Prague. To travel it is necessary to present a bill from Aquapalace Praha or a hotel card.
  • The capacity of Aquabus is limited as there are only 45 seats. If all the seats are taken it is necessary to wait for the next Aquabus according to the timetable.
  • Prams cannot be transported by Aquabus. To transport a pram take the public transport line which runs every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from Opatov station.

Timetable - weekends and public holidays only

Direction:  Chodov  >  Opatov  >  AQUAPALACE Direction:  AQUAPALACE  >  Opatov >  Chodov
Departure CHODOV Departure OPATOV Departure AQUAPALACE
8:00  8:15
8:30  8:45
9:00  9:15
9:30  10:00 (Chodov)
10:30 10:40  11:00
11:40  12:00 (Chodov)
12:30 12:40  13:00
13:40  14:00
14:40  15:00
15:40  16:00 (Chodov)
16:30 16:40  17:00 (Chodov)
17:30 17:40  18:00 (Chodov)
18:30 18:40  19:00
19:40  20:00
20:40  21:15
21:40  22:15

* There is a possibility of delay in case of rush hour.

(daily including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays / free for guests only)

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