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Water World

Visitors rules

Ten Rules for Visitors to the Water World

  1. Children under 3 may enter the Water World only when accompanied by and under constant supervision of an adult.  For safety reasons, baby carriages are not allowed to enter anywhere in the compound.
  2. Children aged from 3 to 12 years are allowed to enter the Water World only when accompanied by and under supervision of an adult.
  3. Persons and minors above 12 years of age and, at the same time, taller than 100 cm are also allowed to enter the Water World on their own.
  4. Persons with limited mobility or orientation without someone’s help are only allowed to enter the Water World under constant supervision of an accompanying adult.
  5. Ill persons and persons under quarantine are not allowed to enter the Water World.
  6. Persons under the influence of alcohol and under the influence of drugs are not allowed to enter and stay in the Water World.
  7.  Animals are not allowed to enter the Water World.
  8. Only swimwear or bathing suits are allowed that are made of elastic and tightly-fitting materials, without accessories made of metal or similarly hard materials, suitable for bathing and made primarily as a bathing garments whose material composition corresponds to the purpose of bathing. Clothes whose cuts, material composition consisting of other than synthetic fibres and cleanliness are not appropriate, shall not be accepted as bathing suits.
  9. Inadmissible clothing: any underwear, working clothes, sportswear other than swimsuits, raincoats, jackets, hats, trousers – known as “multi-pocket trousers” and shorts, trunks without integrated briefs, etc. not suitable for swimming in public swimming pools and any clothing made of cotton.
  10. Swimming suits = one or two piece swimsuits, monokinis, tankinis, burkinis, swim caps and bathing t-shirts made of synthetic fibres, etc. Compliance with these rules shall monitored by the lifeguards.
  11. Before entering the Water World, the visitor must shower thoroughly without their swimming suit, using soap; and the visitor must comply with the principles of personal hygiene.
  12. The following bans apply in the Water World:
  • serious or repeated breaches of the published rules for visitors; failure to obey the instructions of the life guard and the staff of the Water World
  • smoking outside the reserved areas
  • bringing handkerchiefs, Kleenexes or table-napkins into water
  • polluting water and other areas by spitting, littering, etc.
  • calling for help without any reason
  • unauthorised use of life-saving equipment and first aid items
  • making visual or audiovisual recordings without prior agreement with the management

If any of the above rules are breached, the visitor can be expelled from the facility without being entitled to reimbursement.
The text of this article does not replace the valid visitor and operational rules, which all visitors are required to comply with and the full text of which is available for consultation in the entrance hall and in all the sections of Aquapalace Praha.

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