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A two-storey, spacious, fully air-conditioned Aquapalace Praha fitness centre is one of the best equipped fitness centres in the Czech Republic. In our centre, you can get a proper workout on top quality  TECHNOGYM machines. For your convenience, the premises are equipped with LCD screens, on which you can watch music shows.

You can recharge the spent energy in a stylish bar with a wide selection of cocktails and nutritional supplements.

5 reasons for your workout in our centre:

  • A two-floor arrangement permits complete freedom of movement.
  • Whether you want to build muscles or lose weight, with us, you will hit each objective. For your workout, skatemills, cardiotrainers, a stretching zone and top quality TECHNOGYM fitness machines are available.
  • Does exercising in a group motivate you to perform better? Very well. We have a choice of lessons to cater to every taste!
  • Get in touch with the experts. Perfect supervision of your progress will be provided by an experienced coach and a nutritional specialist.
  • No sweating to reach us. We are conveniently accessible by public transportation and by car that you can easily park in a car park.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 6:00 - 23:00
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 8:00 - 23:00


All lessons

Diagnosis and analysis
of your body

Why be measured

If you want to lose weight effectively and achieve the shape you dream about, you need to know your body. The In Body 370 is the latest model in this device range for the diagnosis and analysis of the composition of the human body. It carries out comprehensive and accurate measurements that ensure fat-burning diets and physical activity are effective. The analysis itself takes about 35 seconds and, inter alia, it generates an assessment of your muscles, fat mass, minerals, proteins, water and your base metabolic rate. It also creates an exercise plan, and determines the activities and their frequency that will enable you to obtain both healthy proportions and a healthy internal composition.

Get to know your body perfectly

What percentage of your body is active mass? Do you think you have enough muscle and just the right amount of fat? Do you know how many calories you burn while resting? Find out in a matter of minutes via our body diagnostics performed using the In Body 370 machine. The results are very accurate and, in addition to body composition, you will find out whether you lack vitamins, minerals or suffer from water retention.

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