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Water + Sauna World

Price list

AFTERNOON   1day   365   3h  
Child   Kč599 Kč649 Kč499
Students   Kč699 Kč749 Kč599
Adult   Kč799 Kč859 Kč12990 Kč699
Senior   Kč699 Kč749 Kč599
Family   Kč24990
Family   Kč1849 Kč1949 Kč1749
Family+1   Kč2049
Family+2   Kč2249 Kč2149
Family+3   Kč2449 Kč2349
Product Duration Price incl. VAT
The most advantageous saunas ticket   Kč6990
Sauna ticket for a try   Kč1690
Hire charge Price incl. VAT
Towel Kč50
Sheet Kč50
Bathrobe Kč80
Shoes Kč50
Blanket Kč50

The deposit for every hire is Kč200.

Explanatory notes

  • Prices on the tills is determined by the conversion
  • Final tickets are sold one hour before closing time.
  • *Applies to the date of the 12th birthday inklusive.
  • ** An additional charge of CZK 200 for each child over 150 cm under the terms of family entry. An additional charge of CZK 200 for each additional child up to 150 cm exceeding Family entry. An additional charge of CZK 400 for each child over 150 cm exceeding Family entry. Max 5 children and 2 adults. Children under 100 cm enter free of charge.
  • ***An ID document for students means a student record book, student ID or ISIC ID, senior must submit a document veryfying their age and disability card holders must submit their disability card.
  • If the time limit is exceeded, an additional EUR 0,20/min is charged on each chip, up to the maximum full-day entry fee value. When moving from Water World to Suna World, a fee of EUR 4 will be charged after 10 minutes if sauna entry was not paid at the main ticket booths.
  • Visitors are provided with an additional 10 minutes on entry for changing, free of charge.
  • Children under 12 years only enter accompanied by an adult.
  • Saunas, including entry to Water World
  • Prices in EUR - orientation course 24,5 CZK / EUR

Possible methods of payment

  • Cash.
  • Payment card (VISA and MasterCard).
  • Ticket.
  • Pre-loaded card.
  • Voucher.
  • Sodexo Pass (except Gastro Pass).
  • One-time coupons.
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