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Denisa Weston

Denisa Weston

I've been doing sports at top level since childhood. Sports gymnastics, light athletics and karate have become guides and sources of joy, hard work, and much success in my life. I have obtained some great results, especially in karate: I was a member of the national team, I am a multiple champion of the Czech Republic, and I have won the Universiade 4 times. Although I studied economics and worked in the business sector for several years, I returned to sports after the birth of my children so that I could combine my hobby and my job. I offer comprehensive personal coaching services according to the individual needs of the client. The programs include locomotor system diagnostics, a tailored diet plan, workouts focusing on weight reduction, gaining muscle mass, removing back and cervical spine pain, and improving physical fitness. I provide physical preparation for top athletes (tennis etc.). I train Power Plate, TRX, circuit training, and HIIT. I speak English, German and Spanish.


Reserve - Group lessons

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  • Pavla Provázka Coaching School RONNIE.CZ


  • Bosu core diploma (FACE)
  • Suspension systems certificate
  • Diagnosis of the locomotory system, nutrition consultant and diet planning
  • Sports and reconditioning masseur
  • Power Plate Fitness & Performance level 1
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