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Artificial waves and adventure in Aquapalace

Palace of treasures

Get carried away on the waves of imagination

  • Embark on a journey together with your children to follow the trail of water monsters and pirates – their shipwreck is the landmark of this palace and you can even explore it in person! And while doing so, you can admire the romantic sunset beneath palm trees…
  • Do you know what no pond can do? Make such waves like we can make! A swimming pool with artificial waves perfectly evokes the atmosphere of the beating of sea waves*.
  • The smallest children usually love water the most – and there are two wading pools with a slide and a children’s swimming pool here for them! Water reaches only to their ankles but joy goes through the roof!
  • If you become tired after searching for treasures, visit the area for relaxation with a whirlpool and a massage bench.

Treasures inseparably belong to the water world. Our treasure will make all dreamers, especially the little one, happy. Thanks to the fairy-tale romantic atmosphere in the Palace of Treasures, you will easily forget that you are not in the actual Caribbean… Or are you?

* We start waves for a period of 7 minutes:
Mon – Fri every hour, always at half past
Sat + Sun + holidays každou půlhodinu every half an hour, always at half past and at whole hour