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Toboggans and fun, that´s Adventure palace

SPG Palace of adventures

Admission allowed for the brave / Jump into it head first / The right place for the brave

  • It looks like a coiled giant snake but you need not be afraid of it. What are we talking about! The toboggan! You can find six of them here, from the family-friendly ones to very fast ones and up to 140 metres long. We recommend a ride in the dark or in a tunnel.
  • They would not fit into a children’s sand pit but they are very popular here. Three steep slides – and the soft hug of water deep down. Will you dare?
  • Rotating in a spiral at a high speed is an amazing way of releasing adrenalin – in other words, spacebowl will perfectly check your courage. Or will you prefer a ride on a tire on the Hypoggan? It is the longest one in Bohemia.
  • The strong current of the Fast River will take you as far as the outdoor zone; Slow River is the route to swim if you want to get to a cave where you can relax on whirlpool benches. You certainly deserve rest after such adventure!

Do you love speed and heights? Do you want to have wild fun? Then you have come to the right place! The experiences in the Palace of Adventures are just like the attractions here: astonishing, unique and unforgettable.