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Outdoor swimming zone Aqupalace Prague

Outdoor zone

With a sky above your head and a smile on your face

  • For experiences under open air, you can choose the route along the Slow River or you can let yourself be carried away by the strong current of the Fast River from the SPG Palace of Adventures.
  • In the outdoor swimming pool, you can take a swim as well as get refreshed on whirlpool benches and under a massage shower.
  • Small visitors will have fun in the children’s water playground with a slide or in the wading pool.
  • Comfortable deck chairs on a lawn can be used for perfect relaxation in warm months. What more can one wish for?

Do you want to fight water rapids in fresh open air or do you just want to suntan, sip on a drink and relax? We invite you to the outdoor zone, which offers both relaxation and entertainment!

If the outdoor temperature is lower than 15 °C or if the weather is bad, the outdoor zone is closed for safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding.