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Diving in Aquapalace Prague

Diving pit

Overcome yourselves

  • Have a first-hand experience – submerge into an 8-metre deep OLSON diving pit, specially designed to train divers. It is the deepest one in the Czech Republic and it has 3 depth levels: the shallow part (1.5 metre) is used to learn safely the basic skills; there is a suspended platform at the depth of 4 metres and the bottom is at the depth of 8 metres.
  • A qualified instructor will be attending to your safety and comfort under water.
  • The trial immersion can be considered an introductory mini-lesson on diving, which is ca 45 minutes long. It consists of three basic stages:
    • The instructor will first choose the suitable gear with you and will explain its functions to you. You will also discuss the principles of safe diving and he will help you put on the gear.
    • At the first depth level (1.5 m), you will be able to “get the feel” of everything properly. Here, you will also try moving under water and going downwards into greater depth.
    • Then the journey downwards to the suspended platform at the depth of 4 metres continues; there, you will stop for a little while and then you will gradually descend all the way to the bottom of the diving pit at the depth of 8 metres.
  • Entry into the diving pit is allowed only in the presence of a diving instructor or for persons who have a valid diving license, with the maximum number of person being 8, including the instructor. The lowest age limit: 10 years.
  • We will lend you gear in the diving gear shop in the lobby of Aquapalace (open daily); the latest time for lending gear is 19:00, in which case the gear must be returned by 20:00.
  • The price of a trial immersion: 100 CZK + the admission price for the Water World for at least 2 hours according to the current price list.
  • Price immersion test: CZK 990 + admission to the Water World at least 2 hours according to the current pricelist.
  • Do you want to become real scuba divers? Click here and take our diving course! Price: 990 CZK/person. Those who have already completed the trial immersion will get a 10 % discount.
  • Licensed divers can book immersion at tel. 272 680 069, at or here online.

Just as heights can be alluring, depths can also attract some people. If you are fascinated by the mysterious world under water and you want to push the limits of your abilities, you have a unique opportunity. Perhaps you will discover your new life-long hobby here…