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Coral Dome - Step into the sea world

Coral dome

Explore the secrets of the submarine world

  • You can examine the submarine world in two large sea aquariums. Behind a strong safety glass, there are dozens of species of colourful fish, starfish, sea urchins and a blacktip reef shark swimming.
  • In order to make the experience perfect, you can watch the sea fauna from a swimming pool, which is a part of the Coral Dome and is the hottest one – its temperature is 37 °C.
  • After an original sight, you can have original refreshment – the submarine world is adjacent to a small sand beach and a cocktail bar, which is a very pleasant place to sit and relax.

The Water World of Aquapalace is very colourful – it offers not only a number of attractions but also a unique visual experience provided by the no less colourful world in the sea. Get to know the life in the ocean depths in our unique Coral Dome!

The king of our submarine world

Blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus))


Tropical and subtropical seas. It is one of the most common reef sharks. It can be commonly observed while wading or snorkelling in lagoons.


Predominantly small fish; it also eats crustaceans, molluscs and cephalopods.


Maximum of 24 kg


Up to 200 cm.


Two dorsal fins, of which the second one is fairly large; a round nose and oval eyes. All fins have black or dark-brown tips. The shark’s back is of beige, brownish or brown colour; its belly is white. Its top teeth are narrow with a crooked tip; its bottom teeth are also narrow but their edges are serrated. Its top jaw has 23-28 teeth; its bottom jaw has 21-28 teeth. It lives alone or in smaller groups. It is not aggressive and, driven by curiosity, often moves in the vicinity of scuba divers. Its meat is sold fresh, dried, salted, smoked or frozen. Its fins are a precious ingredient for soups. Its liver is a source of oil.


According to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) it is almost an endangered species.


Viviparous. In a single litter, it gives birth to 2-4 young ones who are 33-52 cm long. Gestation takes 16 months.