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For Toddlers and Children Younger Than 6 Years

Courses from Maternity care

For Toddlers and Children Younger Than 6 Years

  • Organisation and lessons are provided by the Maternity care company, which has rich and many-year experience in this field.
  • The Coral Swimming Pool, set amidst the coral reef decorations, is reserved for toddlers’ swimming. The two embedded aquariums – one with three sharks and one with coral reef fish – will evoke unusual and pleasant atmosphere for the swimming with children.
  • The Coral Swimming Pool is heated to 30 °C; the ambient air is heated to 31-32 °C. The duration of one lesson is 30 minutes.
  • The second swimming pool – for older children – is the swimming pool in the Palace of Relaxation. The duration of one lesson is 40 minutes.

Prices of the courses:

The 2014 spring course will be offered for both the Coral Swimming Pool and the Relaxation Swimming Pool in the following period:

  • Tuesday: 7/01/2014 – 25/03/2014 – 12 lessons
  • Wednesday: 8/01/2014 – 26/03/2014 – 12 lessons

Coral Swimming Pool:

  • 3720 CZK (12 lessons)

Relaxation Swimming Pool:

  • 2 750 CZK (30-minute lessons, 10 lessons)
  • 3 300 CZK (40-minute lessons, 10 lessons)


After obtaining the basic information on you and your child, we will divide the participants into groups for suitable lessons. We will also be notifying you of the beginning of the course, the day on which it will be taking place and the exact time of your next lesson.

It is also possible to enrol at anytime during the swimming courses.

For Pregnant Women

  • Regular swimming can help improve your fitness during pregnancy.
  • Water facilitates motion for pregnant women because it supports the body and therefore gravity does not need to be overcome.
  • Physical exercise in water is more intensive due to the need to overcome the resistance of water and as a result, the problematic body parts are better exercised and strengthened.
  • It is possible to start swimming as early as after the 1st trimester, i.e. after the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • The main benefits include:
    • a massage effect due to the interaction between water and the body surface
    • physical and mental relaxation during relaxation exercises with music
    • there is no risk that the woman’s organism will overheat
    • there is a minimum chance that the woman will suffer an injury
    • complete alleviation of the load on joints and spine
    • minimum loss of fluids and minerals through sweating
    • tautening the vein system – partial prevention of development of varicose veins and hemorrhoids
    • the only possibility of being in a prone position
  • The lessons are provided by qualified and experienced female instructors in accordance with safety principles and methodological instructions. The swimming pool for these lessons meets the most stringent sanitary criteria.
  • You also have an opportunity to make use of the contribution that some medical insurance companies pay to support pregnant women in their exercising and swimming.

For Kindergartens and Elementary Schools

  • The courses meet all the requirements for high-quality and pleasant lessons – the wonderful settings of the aquapark will fill all the small participants of the course with enthusiasm and the course will be both a benefit and a pleasure for them.
  • The swimming pool meets the most stringent sanitary criteria
  • The lessons are provided by qualified and experienced female instructors in accordance with safety principles and the methodological instructions from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.
  • Transport from the Opatov metro station to Aquapalace Praha is provided by the Aquabus line for free.

Price of the course:

One course consists of 18-19 lessons; the price for 1 child is 1440-1520 CZK.

The contact for filing enrolment applications for the courses from Maternity care:

Alena Kravarčíková
tel.: 775 42 42 03