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Swimmimg for pregnant woman - AQUAPALACE Prague

Courses for pregnant women

swimming for pregnant women

  • Regular swimming can help to enhance your condition during pregnancy.
  • Water make the movement easier, because it relieve the body and thus no gravity to overcome.
  • Exercising in water is increased by overcoming the resistance of water, and thus leads to better practice strengthen problem areas.
  • You can start swimming after the first trimester, ie. after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Main advantegaes of swimming during pragnancy:
    • Massage efect of water during swim
    • Physical and mental relaxation during exercises on music
    • No risks of overheating
    • Minimal risk of injury
    • Complete relief of joints and spine
    • minimal loss of fluids and minerals in sweat
    • Courses are led by qualified and experienced instructors instructors in compliance with safety guidelines. Our pool for the class meets the strictest hygienic criteria.
    • Your health insurance company may offer you a contribution for exercise druing pregnancy.

The contact for filing enrolment applications for the courses:

Alena Kravarčíková

phone: +420 775 42 42 03