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Additional procedures - AQUAPALACE PRAHA

Additional procedures


Solarium – SmartSun is a unique combination of red collagen light and the subtle beauty of UV tanning. The result? Silky, naturally-tanned skin.

Make-up – place yourself in the hands of our experienced cosmeticians and underline your beauty with subtle, everyday make-up using natural cosmetics.




Epilation – rid yourself of those unwanted little hairs for far longer than you would when shaving. Areas of the face, the arms, under your arms, the inside of your legs and the legs themselves. Tiny hairs are completely removed, roots and all.

Oxygenotherapy – rejuvenation and stress relief with the help of oxygen.

Balneotherapy relaxing bath – even simple water can have unbelievable relaxation and therapeutic properties. Various programmes allow you to get the blood flowing in the epidermis, relax the muscles and speed up the metabolism.

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