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Sauna ceremonies

Sauna ceremonies

Try out the unique ceremonies, which our experienced sauna operating staff prepares for you on a regular basis – the ceremonies are very pleasant and they make the sauning effect even more intensive!

Fragrant ceremony…

  • This is done in the Finnish saunas and its duration is approximately ten minutes.
  • The sauna attendant will pour a mixture of water and an aromatic essential oil on hot stones, which will create a nice fragrance in the room and will also increase the temperature by several degrees and will increase the air humidity.
  • The sauna attendant will firmly hold a towel in his hand and will spread the hot steam from the sauna stove throughout the space by whirling. The whole process is repeated two or three times.
  • In the end, the sauna attendant will once again firmly hold a towel in his hand and with a rapid sweep from the ceiling, he will drive the hot air from the top part and will create what is referred to as a steam impact, which will heat the body even more.

Honey ceremony…

  • The most popular ceremony in Finnish saunas – you spread warm melted honey all over your body.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised by the result – your skin will be fantastically smooth and supple!

Salt peeling ceremony…

  • You can apply salt peeling under the guidance of a sauna attendant in the steam spa
  • You rub salt into skin – you do a massage and thereby ensure blood perfusion in your body – and then you will let the salt act together with the hot steam.
  • When the salt dissolves and gets absorbed into your skin, it will perfectly disinfect your skin.
  • Your reward will be a pleasantly smooth and supple skin.

Are you attracted by other ceremonies?

Take a look at what ceremony and where you can have!

  Finnish large Finnish small Biosauna Steam bath Rustice mine Open to:
11:00   Surprise        
12:00         Essence to wish  
13:00   Essence to wish
13:45       Salt peeling    
14:00         Essence to wish
15:00 Essence to wish
16:00     Essence to wish
17:00   Surprise
17:45       Salt peeling
18:00         Essence to wish
18:30     LADY BEAUTY
19:00 Iced peeling          
19:45       Salt peeling
20:00         Essence to wish
20:30   Honey peeling        
21:00           21:301)
21:30   Honey peeling   Salt peeling
22:45   Honey peeling       23:303)

1) normal opening hours
2) extended opening hours
3) special Events

Discover the secret of fragrant essences in our ceremonies

Effects essence sauna ceremonies

Schedule of the day:

  • Green Lemon - stimulating, refreshing, fruity, sparkling
  • French melissa - refreshing, invigorating taste, fruity
  • Tuscan herbs - spicy, autumn, herbal
  • Oriental - relaxing, soothing, composition jemnného oriental spices and wood
  • Mexico lemongrass - relaxing, spicy, empowering, responsive
  • Alpine herbs - relaxing, nurturing, spicy, floral
  • Russian anise - anise, sweet, stimulating taste
  • Finnish birch - fresh, friendly, slightly fruity, green
  • Trees - refreshing, restorative, wooden
  • Polar Bear - fruity, refreshing, slightly minty
  • Lavender - herbal, fruity, slightly sweet
  • West Indian roses - relaxing, soothing, for good mood
  • Mauritius papaya - refreshing, distinctive, stimulating, fruity
  • Pomegranate - refreshing, invigorating taste, fruity
  • Laco-as Diamond - refreshing, activating, cool
  • Eucalyptus - stimulating, cool, fresh

On request, the manager of the sauna and according to your choice:

  • Saunavit Medicum - accelerates healing, soothes his feet
  • Tutti-Fruti - a mixture of noble fruit