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Outdoor saunas - Prague

Outdoor saunas

  • You can look forward to a double experience: relaxation and fresh air!
  • Very pleasant for the body and the eyes: a Scandinavian log cabin as the landmark; a relaxation terrace with deck chairs; a ground cabin; cooling whirlpools; showers; a small pool…
  • Can you imagine how splendid it is to relax in a whirlpool under a sky full of stars?

What sauna will you choose?

we present temperature relative air humidity recommended duration of stay unconventional sauna ceremonies
KELLO SAUNA A typical Russian sauna built of Kello spruce timber (???) and panelled with special abachi wood. The high levels of temperature result in condensation of water and sweat on the body and intensively heat the body, with many favourable effects on the organism (for example, stimulation of blood circulation; improvement of blood perfusion of the skin and capillary return). Massages with birch twigs even increase the effect. 85 °C 15 % 10 minutes yes
GROUND CABIN A small house made of stones; partly buried under ground; panelled with light-coloured wood inside. Heat is radiated by a decorative stove situated in the front part of the room. The combination of high temperature, natural humidity, essences and minerals provides an entire spectrum of favourable effects of the sauning process on the human organism. The effect is enhanced by a dimmed light and warm colour tones. 95 °C 15 % 12 minutes yes