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Finnish saunas in Prague

Finnish saunas

  • Choose the sauna and temperature according to your preferences (from 60 °C to 110 °C).
  • You can find five saunas inside the compound; and there are two saunas waiting for you in the outdoor zone.
  • Lower air humidity and intensity of sweating can be increased during the sauning process by pouring water, which is done by the sauna operating staff.
  • Try sauning with unique ceremonies (proklik na ceremoniály), which are prepared for you by our experienced sauna operating staff on a regular basis.
  • You can cool yourself under cold showers, in a well with crushed ice or in a classical cold plunge pool (we recommend that you cool yourself gradually and, if possible, that you also cool your head or at least up to the nape of your neck).
  • For relaxation, you can use aromatic showers, whirlpools and relaxation rooms, including outdoor roof terraces.

What sauna will you choose?

we present temperature relative air humidity recommended duration of stay unconventional sauna ceremonies
SMALL FINNISH SAUNA A classical Finnish sauna with light-coloured wooden panelling. You can relax here under dimmed lights. 80 °C 10 % 12 minutes yes
BIG FINNISH SAUNA A big Finnish sauna, panelled with robust dark wood in a rustic style; this is why it is often referred to as a rustic sauna. Distinguished illumination, which is significantly dimmed in this sauna, helps to relax. 90 °C 10 % 10 minutes yes
BIO SAUNA A combination of a Finnish sauna and steam sauna. It is heated to a relatively high temperature; nevertheless, with its higher relative air humidity, it is close to a steam sauna. The positive atmosphere is evoked by wooden panelling of a very light colour, in combination with luminous but gentle illumination. 60 °C 30 % 20 minut no
VOLCANO SAUNA A very pleasantly illuminated cabin, panelled with light-coloured wood and lined with stones, which create an atmosphere corresponding to the name and temperature of this sauna. It is our hottest sauna cabin – it is only suitable for persons with a healthy cardiovascular system. 100 °C 10 % 8 minutes no
AROMATIC HERBAL SAUNA The area of this sauna is heated to a relatively higher temperature; the air is saturated with steam containing the fragrance of several herbs. When the air is inhaled, the air passages are purged. 65 °C 25 % 20 minutes no

Where to go after sauning?

It is up to you – our care is comprehensive!

Water therapy using the alternating effect of warm and cold water, which stimulates tissue metabolism and blood perfusion (cold feet, developing varicose veins). It also helps to relax ankles and joints in legs; and it also helps with headaches and neurovegetative dystonia. Rebirthed – that is the feeling you will have, if after relaxing in a sauna, you will choose from the broad range of classical massages and other body treatments – for more information, click here.